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Corporate Profile

Message from CEO

Junichiro  Miyagawa President and CEO ANA Sales Co., Ltd.

ANA Sales Co., Ltd. was launched in 2003 to handle ticket sales and travel business operations for the ANA Group.

The Japan Tourism Agency, aiming to turn Japan into a tourism-oriented country, has focused its efforts on achieving the following three goals by the end of FY 2016, namely increasing Japanese domestic tourist consumption to 30 trillion yen; increasing the number of non-Japanese visitors to Japan to 18 million; and increasing the number of Japanese people traveling to destinations outside Japan to 20 million. The number of non-Japanese visitors to Japan has already exceeded 20 million, and an action program has been announced which aims to make Japan more attractive and reach a target of 30 million non-Japanese visitors from around the world. Tourism has become a pillar of Japan's economic growth strategy, and the aviation and tourism industries are now playing increasingly important roles.

The aviation and tourism industry has a grand mission to bring peace to the world through tourism and the exchanges people have with each other, thus enriching people's lives. In order to fulfill this mission, we must serve as a bridge that connects customers to the world by making effective use of both our domestic and worldwide alliances. This applies not only to tourism, but also to people, nature, economic and industrial opportunities, and the many other beautiful things that the world holds. Alongside this, we also want to focus our efforts on the quick creation of new demands.

Using the ANA Group motto “Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!” as the foundation of our operations, we will continue to treat our customers sincerely and provide safe travel products with high added value, while further improving our services through the united efforts of all of our employees.

ANA Sales Management Vision

Aiming to realize the ANA Group Mission Statement, Management Vision and ANA’s Way,
ANA Sales has established ANA Sales Management Vision and Activity Guidelines to fully carry out its role
as a business company of the ANA Group.

ANA Sales Management Vision

Taking on new challenges with colleagues, creating secure and unique products,
and polishing sales ability with the aims of gaining new ANA admirers
and creating a company that continues to contribute to the ANA group as a whole.

ANA Sales activity guidelines

We ANA sales staff act in following way.

ANA sales activity guidelines (ANA’s Way)

To live up to our motto of "Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!", we work with:

  • 1. Safety
    We always hold safety as out utmost priority, because It is the foundation of our business.
  • 2. Customer Orientation
    We create the highest possible value for our customers by viewing our actions from their perspective.
  • 3. Social Responsibility
    We are committed to contributing to a better, more sustainable society with honesty and integrity.
  • 4. Team Spirit
    We respect diversity of our colleagues worldwide and come together as one team by engaging in direct, sincere and honest dialogue.
  • 5. Endeavor
    We endeavor to take on any challenge in the global market through bold initiative and innovative spirit.
Moreover in a spirit of self-confidence and pride
  • Go for it!
    We move forward one step at a time with passion in
    our heartsand without fear of failure.
    ~ Getting lost isn’t a big deal:it’s always worth giving it a go ~
  • Be yourself!
    With ourselves as individuals as the starting point, we need to display
    a strong will in bringing things through to their conclusion.
    ~ We need to stick to acting with an unwavering stance ~
  • Think new!
    With a freewheeling approach, we need to create the ‘new’ in a manner
    that exceeds expectations.
    ~ Isn’t it the same as up till now? Let’s do something wonderful! ~
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