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Travel Enterprise

ANA Sales Co., Ltd. Is an ANA Group

Company whose core businesses are airline ticket sales and leisure travel.

Leisure Travel Business

The Leisure Travel Business Division develops and markets original tour products.
We are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our customers and offering unique and attractive products.

Tours to Japan

ANA Sales Co., Ltd. is a tour operator which deals with many travel agencies of other countries as one of our key businesses.
We can arrange any kind of land service such as accommodation, transportation, Tours to Japanguide/interpreter and entertainments, with a good condition throughout Japan to meet your requirement. Because we have a good relationship with a lot of suppliers in Japan through selling our domestic tour “ANA SKY HOLIDAY”.
If you want to get further information about us, please feel free to contact the following e-mail address.
inb03@anas.co.jp *only for travel agent

Package Tours

Travel Savings Plans, Web Exclusive Tours

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